TRONUS ABYSS "Vuoto Spazio Trionfo"

 •  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.81/1
TRONUS ABYSS "Vuoto Spazio Trionfo"
  • Album: Vuoto Spazio Trionfo
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: ATMF
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Pretty confusing… some tracks are interesting, other mediocre. It’s obvious that the musicians have something in their minds, but the delivery is confusing… With a Metal structure, with obvious Black Metal references but also a lot of Electronic elements, Ambient and even Noise/Apocalyptic, incantations, atypical rhythms, all in an interesting mix, with guitar echoes that remind me of MONUMENTUM or CANAAN, screaming voices, whispered or reciting… it is somewhat more interesting than the 2003 “Kampf”, but it is lacking that direction, that feeling of clarity… I don’t know… too bad that it isn’t more structured, although the fact that it isn’t just copying the experimental Black Metal is a positive thing, as otherwise it would have sounded pretty awful. I wasn’t astonished by this band but I will definitely be receptive when hearing of it from now on and this due to their intelligent approach to extreme music.