Trooper "minicd"

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Trooper "minicd"
  • Album: minicd
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: HMM.RO
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

I believe the most appropriate manner to value a band is to listen to it both in studio version and live. TROOPER is the most valuable exponent of Romanian Heavy Metal in the past years and I can sustain such with no shades of doubt. I do acknowledge heavy Metal is not really my cup of tea as I rarely come to listen to this style, but when I do, I prefer choosing from great ones: IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST, old albums! I came into possession of the CD at Metal Festival-Cluj-Napoca as I received it from Adi Ilie but I forgot it in my car and only last couple of days I actually found it among others in my carrier. This is why you can notice a delay of my review. By now, I am pretty sure that everybody has listened to at least one track of them and thus my comments can only coincide or not with yours. So, all is professional sounds clear elegant, full of rhythm and energy, explosive guitars' riffs, technical battery, specific voices for such style (and perhaps of Power's as well) and an incendiary atmosphere! Yet, back to the beginning...I find exquisite that there are no differences between the sound in studio and live, which denotes an accurate attention of the musicians for all kind of technical details so that undeniably TROOPER's sound reached a certain high quality no matter the conditions. In fact, I really don't think I ever listened to a Romanian Heavy Metal band to sound so accurate... Unfortunately, the band is in lack of originality as it is just a copy irreproachably following international bands' musical orientations. Or should I count as original the fact that the lyrics are in Romanian language? Anyway, having a perfect instrumentation, voices with "mioritic" (Romanian traditional/folklore) lines ...they seem to shock the autochthon listener since it is an occidental sound. I think it is a pity for such appraisable surprises to be met only in Heavy Metal field as far as Romania is regarded.