TRUE MIND "No More Silence MCD"

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TRUE MIND "No More Silence MCD"
  • Album: No More Silence MCD
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

After FROZEN DUSK, another debutant band tries to prove to us that Epic can combine with Symphonic, on an atmospheric Gothic Metal structure with female vocals! Moreover, there are some Progressive influences too, so that the youngsters from Brasov present four “over-dresed” tracks, with a quality sound (yet seemingly too artificial) for a material done out of their own pockets, plus an incisive and very active keyboard (probably they adore NIGHTWISH), modest guitars (except some beautiful solos) and the drums that seem to communicate with the keyboard, rather tha anything else… as for the female voice… I don’t know, it is pleasant all right, but the operatic dimension it tries to animate seems a bit fake, probably due to the fact it tries to imitate Tarja! As I’ve said before, the keyboard seems to be the key element for the entire orchestration, while the rest of the instruments are barely energetic, lacked in contour, and without expressivity. The female voice should allow itself more freedom of expression; otherwise, it will end up sounding the may a thin male voice would sound when trying to growl. Well, I have to say that on the “Stop Killing Them” track, a male voice is inserted, but in my opinion it would be best if it wouldn’t be included at all. Thus, this is an elegant debut, one that shouldn’t be omitted. Still, TRUE MIND has a long way to go until it identifies its own sound! It is to be noted that the MCD has a nice, professional booklet.