TURISAS "Battle Metal"

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TURISAS "Battle Metal"
  • Album: Battle Metal
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

So pompously announced and promoted the Finns' debut is not even close to what one might have expected...and has nothing new to put on Folk/Viking/Black Metal scene! With inspirational roots in HELHEIM, MOONSORROW or FINNTROLL, the band makes use of a commercial selling argument, which is pretty strong even if the music is bearably comparable to the bands up mentioned. To be more precise: the imagery is a fundamental element for TURISAS, in the booklet there are, in abundance, photos referring to the Nordics' glorious past...and, indeed, it is a professional stupendous layout! I can only assume that the German label decided to identify a headliner for this Metal style and...taking advantage of a new band, which features not past compromises but performs likeable music for the fans...created a new trademark. It is a classical sale strategy and thus bands like DIMMU BORGIR or CRADLE OF FILTH have become, in time, leaders/exponents of style Black Metal, which in reality was not popular at all. Probably, with a consistent promotional budget dedicated to advertising, the band might mark a proper debut and ... who knows...in a couple of years we could hear of a great Folk/Traditional/Death/Heavy/ Black Metal force: TURISAS band, while "Battle Metal" would become a genuine star of the style. This is an apology of how to get famous but I wouldn't be surprised for such to happen! Back to music: 12 tracks able to build a melodic rhythm, very entertaining actually, and full of heroic and majestic elements. I've listened to the album with a great pleasure...but I wouldn't know to point the moment I would do that again. It is rather too commercial and too "light"...too positive...too melodic/atmospheric...too linear and in lack of personality for my tastes! Viking Metal!