TYR "Land"

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TYR "Land"
  • Album: Land
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Faroe Islands

Heri Joensen returns with a new album in a very short time. The third chapter of TYR focuses on the same Viking Metal we've got used to, transgressing all sorts of Metal styles, from Heavy or Doom all the way to Progressive and even Celtic influences. MANOWAR in its Viking version, that's how I could characterize the sound of the four musicians coming from the Feroe Islands. This album presents two elaborated tracks, more than 10 minutes long, while the rest are quite similar in structure and tonality. I guess it is the most complex album of the band, yet it doesn't seem all that inspired too. The sound is fine, both in what concerns the music and the recording/mixing, but something gives it paleness. The force of expression is missing, there is no power and dynamic of the sound, given the approached style. Furthermore, the band has a huge success live, and this can solely bring me joy, even though as far as I'm concerned TYR is a mediocre band. The only scent of authenticity is given by their destination. And this seems to be liked by the fans too! www.tyr.cc