TYRANNY "Bleak Vistae"

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TYRANNY "Bleak Vistae"
  • Album: Bleak Vistae
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: FIREBOX
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Funeral Doom Metal in superlative terms! WINTER, SKEPTICISM, DISEMBOWELMENT...they are all in one, into a sinister sound with such a mesmerizing piano than even the dead may rise from the grave, a sick throaty voice and extremely slow and depressive guitars. The slow rhythm is outlined by a lethargic battery following an extremely weird beat... like wandering in a dark place where no sign of life dwells! When I think about it... and realize it is just a debut MCD of the two Finns... I get scared of what may follow! Most certainly, fans of such sonorities will feed their egos with such outcome, which seems to never end... Well, this is the weak point: too long and common tracks even if the atmosphere is simply specific to such type of music! After two consecutive auditions I actually lost my patience! I really would need a certain special mood for such as otherwise I would start looking for a knife to cut my veins! Uhhhh!