UNLIGHT "Eldest Born Of Hell"

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UNLIGHT "Eldest Born Of Hell"
  • Album: Eldest Born Of Hell
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

A band existing for more than ten years, very appreciated in Germany due to their numerous live performances. They have two albums released and some EPs, but I'll strictly refer to the last one. There is nothing attractive for me in this Aggressive Satanic Black Metal sound! If we add the abundant Thrash elements, we'll discover a material trying to mix Black Norwegian style with the Swedish Death Metal, so AMON AMARTH is the nearest example I can find now. It is obvious they're good into playing Black Metal and do it quite fine, I cannot spot any non-synchronizations, the sound's quality is high, the evil voices are perfect, everything is ok... it's just that we're dealing with another Black Metal clone! No shade of stylistic personality... pity, they certainly know how to play.