V/A "As The Book Of War Volume II "

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V/A "As The Book Of War Volume II "
  • Album: As The Book Of War Volume II
  • Year: 2008
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I must admit that I am not an initiated guy in what concerns the sonorities of the majority of the bands on this compilation. This is the first material that I get from the Swedish label, and also the biggest and most pleasant 2008 surprise. Let me clear away the bands I've know so far: ATARAXIA, with a track from their last album and UNTO ASHES, a band under contract with Projekt Records and of which I've written before, the link being DEAD CAN DANCE. I've heard about ZMEI GORINICH from Richard Lederer (SUMMONING) some years ago, and the music of this woman is extremely rapturous and bombastic. When it comes to the rest, to my shame, I must admit I have never heard of them before. Maybe because it addresses to different dimensions, soundtracks, computer games or simply games... it is a kind of fantasy music, an underground replica to Lord of the Rings. But I've discovered two geniuses, Markus Holler and Peter Szwach, present here with two dreamy tracks, and also DRAM, SIBELIAN, ENCRYPTION, GARGRIM THE LIAR, SEAN BESSON, ZA FRUMI, ERDENSTERN, DIMITRIJ VOLSTOJ, SULLY KOBA or ANABASIS, 17 inspiringly chosen names, getting you out of the daily routine and inflicting you into a virtual world, within which each harmony has a role, a charm of its own. I am not a compilation admirer, but I must admit that the booklet of this digipack is an elegant one, presenting fantastic stories and technical data about the participants. A CD that I strongly recommend both to the connoisseurs and to the less initiated ones, just like the case of the one who has just written some positive thoughts about this fantastic release... or is it purely the music that is fantastic? Nevermind... www.waerloga.com , www.radiorivendell.com