V/A "Bestial Romanian Metal DCD"

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V/A "Bestial Romanian Metal DCD"
  • Album: Bestial Romanian Metal DCD
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: BESTIAL
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Am I the only one sensing that Adi Mihailov's activity on this Metal path sounds like the swan's song? After a ten years' history, Bestial decided to do a review for all they've done so far and so, they are now presenting a double compilation, gathering lots of bands, all Romanian ones, almost all of them released by Bestial, starting with MAKROTHUMIA on tape, all the way to MY SHADOW. But let me remind you the rest of the bands: DIVINE MUZAK, RA, CLONE, ARCHAOS, SERENITY, ABIGAIL, INTERITUS DEI, MARSYAS, GOD, GOTHIC, ICON OF SIN, DISINTER, ANGUSIH, DEIMOS, KORRUPTION, ATYS and NEGURA BUNGET. We also can find on this release some tracks belonging to bands that in one way or another have been related to Bestial, such as: DIN UMBRA, KRATOS, GRIMEGOD, AVATAR or DIES IRAE. Writing down all these names, I realize that I've mustered the entire inland underground Metal history, about which I've also written many times. I find salutary the idea of releasing this compilation, which should be regarded as a guide for the last ten years' releases within this scene. Obviously, some will hurry into associating it with cheep elements of financial reasons, but I find this aspect insignificant. We are dealing with a professional done CD, with a modest imagery, yet one release that could give a hand to the younger ones for a good understanding in what concerns the inland Metal ... and also have an awakening effects for the seniors.