V/A "Better Undead Than Alive"

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V/A "Better Undead Than Alive"
  • Album: Better Undead Than Alive
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: CODE666
  • Artist: 

This version of compilation entitled "The Code666 O.S.T. (Official Sound Track)" seems to be a nice surprise for all interested. In such, the Italian label found an effective way to promote its activity and the bands included in are some of those that had have and will have albums released under Code666 banner. Therefore, you'll find bands like: ENID, MANES, ATROX, ABORYM, NEGURA BUNGET, RAKOTH, EPHEL DUATH, VOID OF SILENCE, DIABOLICUM, HANDFUL OF HATE, AGHORA, UNMOORED, ABORTUS, BLOODSHED, THEE MALDOROR KOLLEKTIVE. The advantage of such compilation is that all tracks are exclusive, never released before on any other material, plus a superb video-clip ("Vazduh") filmed by NEGURA BUNGET in Muntii Transilvaniei, besides other complete information regarding the bands and label. I forgot to mention about AGHORA's live performance in its new line-up and about a surprising contest whose winner can have all items ever (in the past-present and future!!!) produced and released at the Italian label. Well, it is an impressing artistic appearance with so many captivating details, two hours of all kinds of music...nothing else. Well, it is a good start to get familiar with Emi's activity.