V/A "Metal Message IV"

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V/A "Metal Message IV"
  • Album: Metal Message IV
  • Year: 2007
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Markus Eck doesn't give up and here he is releasing, after a relatively short period, the fourth Metal compilation, this time focused on the most appreciated styles nowadays, respectively Pagan, Viking & Folk Metal. He selected 13 underground bands, some under contract, others that are on their way sign with various labels, all of them inspiringly chosen, I must admit. The collaboration between Jean Pascal Fournier and Kris Verwimp revels us the irreproachably pleasant and appealing graphic of the CD. You cannot expect too much from a compilation but, in this particular case, each band's logo, contact address and picture are presented on the booklet, and I salute this approach. Years back, there used to be also presented the bands' history, but now internet covers all needs for information. Let me point out some stuff regarding the bands: SKYFORGER brings us some pure Folk, while GALAR and GJENFERDSEL are presenting us Norwegian Heathen Black Metal pieces; moreover we can find the UK version of FALKENBACH, elegantly performed by FOREFATHER (excellent!), plus OAKENSHIELD debut (they still have some work to do on the mixing, but the music is exquisite!). Also, we have a mountebank Folk Metal from the German band SLARTIBARTASS, along with a hybrid sound from the European project FOLKEARTH. Furthermore, SIROCCO come from Ireland and present a modestly interpreted but pretty inspired Celtic Pagan Metal, THEUDHO proves that also in Belgium can be played atmospheric Metal, ALKONOST insists on the same Pagan Folk dimension as their conational from ARKONA do; IRMINSUL seems to turn into another Viking Metal pleasant surprise, Swedish this time, yet a evolution that must be followed; I have also found an unchained THARAPHITA, coming from Estonia and which seem to have conceived more than one album so far. The last band I'll write about is the Dutch SLECHTVALK, performing a rapid but also melodious Black Metal, a style that doesn't seem to fit Markus's criteria for this compilation, yet the seven minutes they have on the CD stand as a proof for their virtuosity. I'll end my review now and tell you that this is the best compilation in Metal Message's history, maybe due to the fact that the Epic dimension enhanced by the selected band's music is more dignified than ever before.