V.A. "Metal Message Vol II"

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V.A. "Metal Message Vol II"
  • Album: Metal Message Vol II
  • Year: 2005
  • Artist: 

I've never been pleased to listen to compilations, because it's not a pleasant frame of mind to wake up with the impression that from a sum of bands, there are some that I like and some that I skip. It's like a musical chow-chow! In my hands I have a compilation created by Markus Eck, a good friend of mine, known in the Metal world for his colaboration with a lot of special magazines. But you can find on the site more details about him. In this compilation's case, the first which I listened to but the second one that has been released after only a few months, I discover an extremely pleasant cover, made by Necrolord/Kristian Wahlin and 14 Metal bands, most of them have already signed some contracts, with different styles of music: Agressive Black Metal, Viking, Epic/Folk, Pegan or Melodic Death Metal. It's like a guide for the ones who haven't had the chance to listen to bands like: TYRANT, BLACK MESSIAH, NEBELHORN, UNLIGHT, KNOWHERE, WOLFCHANT, WEIR FATE, SUFFERING SOULS, ODROERIR or HORN. The disadvantage is that most of the bands come from Germany but, because the CD has appeared in only 500 pieces, I think the target was to be sold mainly there. Nothing special, if we look from another point of view, just another Metal compilation, with its booklet containing the bands' photos plus some technical guide marks. I will not make a secret from the fact that TYRANT, by far, has the best sound and there are three or four bands with a sound over the average, ther rest of them are modest bands, immixed in not a very encouraging way, so it's 100% underground.