V/A "Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants"

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V/A "Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants"
  • Album: Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: DGF
  • Artist: 

A truly interesting compilation, as the chosen bands approach the same style, some of them having already released material at DGF, other being on their way to do it at the German label, while the rest have certain collaborations with different labels. This double CD's advantage consists in the fact it offers you the opportunity to listen to same bands that perhaps you've never heard before: ANCESTORS BLOOD, VARG or GRIFTERFRID. I also want to mention several bands whose albums are about to be released by DGF in the following months: IRONWOOD, FIRMINSUL, YGGDRASIL or VRANKENVORDE. The digipack's dimension is bigger than a normal CD, and the few words presented in connection with the bands might give you a useful hand. In conclusion, there are two helpful CDs.