V/A "Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II"

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V/A "Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II"
  • Album: Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: DGF
  • Artist: 

I appreciate what the German label does with these compilations! We have almost 30 bands on two CDs, most of them Pagan Viking Folk Metal, not quite known, but promoted by labels like DGF, Blood Fire Death, Agonia, Ketzer, Mercenary, Temple Of Darkness… so, we have tracks (some exclusive ones) from: OCTOBER FALLS, MYRKGRAV, ATOMKRAKT, YGGDRASIL, IRMINSUL, NYDVIND, CARVED IN STONE, HEL, STURMPERCHT, INFAUST, UTLAGR, NUMEN, URGEHAL, DANTALION, SOULSEARCH, HELRITT, BRAN BARR, FOSCOR, FORTRESSE… As a bonus we get a DVD with the 2007 Ragnarok festival, where, along some of the bands already mentioned, also feature KAMPFAR, HELHEIM, ELUVEITIE, MANEGARM, RIGER or TYR. Even if the video recording is quite modest, the viewer can now see how things went last year, and even ctch a glimpse of some bands that you won’t normally see caught on tape. In conclusion, this is a useful compilation, one deserving all the money!!!