V/A "Nikoaevka"

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V/A "Nikoaevka"
  • Album: Nikoaevka
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 

Based on a title from the Second World War, this compilation unveils a sum of Italian bands belonging to the NeoFolk, Martial and Ambient Gothic genres. And so, alongside bands like ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI, ALL MY FAITH LOST or HEXPEROS we meet DAS LANGE MESSER, SALA DELLE COLONNE, DER FEUERKREINER, LIA FAIL, THE GREEN MAN, THE WELL OF SADNESS or AT THE FUNERAL OF MY VIOLET RABBIT. The most interesting track seemed to be “Bellica Virtus in Itinere”, performed by a band that I have heard for the first time, L’EFFET C’EST MOI, acoustic, instrumental, but of a ravishing beauty. A pretty attractive make, with underground bands that seem to have something to say…