VARDAN "Hidden In A Tomb"

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VARDAN "Hidden In A Tomb"
  • Album: Hidden In A Tomb
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: FOLTER
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Once again Raw Black Metal, this time perhaps better performed and richer in execution's variety, so it might not be entirely common. Vardan is the one behind all instruments and I find out that this album has been conceived in 2000. It seems, since then, Vardan has also composed four other albums that are going to be released by the same German label.

For those interested, the titles are: "Buried by Myself", "Alone under a Dying Earth", "Inverted Cross/Thunderbolt" promo and "Forgotten Songs - Chapter". There aren't many things to be said about VARDAN, as his music is quite simplistic, with guitar riffs scratching the hearing, a battery that proves to be both extremely rapid and also unhandy, plus a common Black voice not showing any special inflexions... It was intended to insert some elements scenting of early BURZUM, where rapidity is not the key, but the atmosphere created by a slow - mid tempo, generated through the use of guitars. So, we can say that we are dealing with pure Satanic Black Metal, the old way, without any nonconformist influence... or better said Misanthropic Black Metal as it's the preferred categorization nowadays. Why not call it Narcissist Black Metal?