VARDLOKKUR "Med Doden Til Folge"

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VARDLOKKUR "Med Doden Til Folge"
  • Album: Med Doden Til Folge
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: DGF
  • Artist: 
  • Denmark

Three members (in fact two at the beginning) have released a MCD in the Old Black Metal School manner that brings nothing new to me! Solely unending guitar aggressive riffs, an extremely infuriated Evil voice, modest battery and fade sound mixing. It's beyond my power of understanding...why the hell should they release another project, when they're already doing the same with their main bands ANGANTYR and HOLMGANG? Is it for the sake of enumeration, for significance, for experimenting different banners? I've got no idea. I know though that the 17 minutes have not impressed me at all, even though I cannot overpass the force and the power released from within the four tracks. Yet, it remains insufficient. I am in the waiting for some inspired moves from this label, as I could spot about three interesting bands on the compilation released two months ago. Obviously, VARDLOKKUR wasn't among them.