VIA MISTICA "Under My Eyelids"

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VIA MISTICA "Under My Eyelids"
  • Album: Under My Eyelids
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: METAL MIND
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

Another attempt from this band, the third one! I was hoping to discover a real Doom Gothic Metal jewel, as I was familiar with Kaske's special voice! It seems that my expectations went a bit to high, still we cannot talk about a modest album. The intro casts us into Twin Peaks' obscurity, as the Polish lay their mark on Angelo Badalamenti's piece, "Into The Night", allowing a gothic veil to fall over making it sound good enough, yet, there's no point to compare it with Julie Christie's.

After the intro, we are swallowed up by an extremely atmospheric Metal, over which the beautiful feminine voice dominates, despite the fact they fail into creating the inspired contrast when the various masculine vocals make their appearance. The guitars sound fine, same does the keyboard, but the cello and violin presence personalize the music and diversify the audition. The piano is also in the front line, reaching an excellent resonance with the voices. I cannot say that VIA MISTICA made a hit with this album because something is missing... I'd say strength! Anyway, it worth listening this Gothic Doom Metal sample!