VIKING CROWN "Banished Rhythmic Hate"

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VIKING CROWN "Banished Rhythmic Hate"
  • Album: Banished Rhythmic Hate
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United States

When Philip Anselmo had taken the decision to experience styles that are more brutal I found it strange and I thought it was nothing but a simple collaboration. Wrong! It seems like his friendship with Killjoy/NECROPHAGIA conducted to a new project, as this very example can prove. Moreover, the two have brought Opal Enthroned (SOUTHERN ISOLATION/NECROPHAGIA) to play keyboard so that weirdness might gain its real place. There are 11 tracks oscillating between a rarely seen primitivism, an Ugly Black Metal with an underground sound (since BURZUM or MAYEM earlier times of glory), a desolate oppressive overwhelming psychedelic Ambient. Maybe it is a different kind of Ethereal-Gothic, simply hard to explain in ordinary words. From another certain point of view (the horror one), the album looks OK, from another (the innovative one), it becomes monotonous and much too sinister for my ears. One could be seized with horror if listening to VIKING CROWN: all is dark, melancholic and "extremely hideous"!