VINTERSORG "Solens Rotter"

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VINTERSORG "Solens Rotter"
  • Album: Solens Rotter
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Andreas Hedlund is one of the most inspired and talented musicians from the Swedish Metal scene, known from interesting projects alike: CRONIAN, OTYG, BORKNAGAR, FISSION, WATERCLIME. After one CDM and five CDs released in over thirteen years of activity, initially known under the name VARGATRON, VINTERSORG has now become a great name within this scene. As I've written already about all these albums during the past years, there is no point for me to focus on the band's history. I can state that these new sequences are a mirror towards the beginning of this project, meaning "Till Fjalls" or "Odemarks Son" sonorities: more Folk, less Progressive, Cold Black Metal from time to time and imposing atmosphere taking the shape of traditional hymns and using different voices, both clean and aggressive one. It is a complex, well conceived album, highly elaborated and certainly mature. Even though VINTERSORG's charm resides within the symbiosis between Metal and Folk instruments (flute, violins, harp), the new album shows that there's nothing more to be revealed, at least not if the approach remains the same. I have the feeling that I'm back in '98 and I'm unable to see many progresses. Mr. V has given up the collaboration with the drummer Mickelson and the bassist Steve Di Georgio, and now he only has Johan Lindgren. More violent than DREAM THEATER or RUSH, less Black Metal than any other Swedish band from the scene, yet saturated in Northern Folk, VINTERSORG simply cannot be compared... This is a beautiful album, technically executed, yet I was also expecting something new from this talented musician.