VINTERSORG "The Focusing Blur"

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VINTERSORG "The Focusing Blur"
  • Album: The Focusing Blur
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

The fifth album is even more knotty and weirder than the previous ones all together! Having many common points with the previous sequences released in 2002, the new material features as special guests two famous musicians: Asgeir Mickelson and Steve Di Giorgio thus the final sound is simply exceptional! If the first three albums could be framed somewhere in a Folk Metal, well... the fourth was just a bridge to this one, which is without doubt, a veritable sample of Metal. I wouldn't know if Heavy, Progressive, Folk or Atmospheric Metal! The clear voice reminds me of YES and the melodic passages sound so Rock that you couldn't come to admit VINTERSORG would be a Metal band! The truth is that the keyboard is handled with such a fine grace (making clear references to the 70's music) and the psychedelic elements... all together... come to impress me. And after that, there are obvious extreme and aggressive Metal progressions, with brutal vocals... coming over you... and they leave you perplex. It is an overwhelming album like an invitation to a unique imaginary world, encompassing various stylistic elements of a great complexity. It is by far the best release Mr. Vintersorg ever had and throughout such he proves there are no stylistic borders or limits in music and it finally is a comprehensible proof that evolution means and equals to change! If we compare this product solely to the previous album, then we might say that these 12 new tracks are more melodic, more peaceful and Progressive. It is a first rate sample of Metal, which may not impress the fans since there is not pattern for such... and no standard in Metal for these musicians to respect or follow! And, frankly, it cannot be compared with any other band ever! They trespassed all Metal boundaries ever existed...