VINTERSORG "Visions From The Spiral Generator"

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VINTERSORG "Visions From The Spiral Generator"
  • Album: Visions From The Spiral Generator
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Vintersorg's (Andreas Hedlund) new album was quite expected by all Metal breathing and mostly because of its original sound is a huge attraction for many "angry people". VARGATRON, (the initial name) marked the appearance with "Hedniskhjartad" -MCD, in 1998 and then followed "Till Fjalls" and "Odemarkens Son"-two albums full of Folk Metal while in 2000 "Cosmic Genesis" is released and became the best and complex of all. This is probably due to the cooptation of Mattias Marklund, a guitar player of first class. Vintersorg considers then that the project needs to become a real band and, close up to his involvement in last BORKNAGAR's album, Asgeir Mickelson (SPIRAL ARHITECT), an excellent drummer is convinced to take part on the new album. Moreover, Asgeir brings Steve DiGiorgio (DEATH, SADUS, TESTAMENT, CONTROL DENIED) with him at the recording thus the bass part is irreproachable. Recorded in there different locations (Sweden, Norway and USA), the material reached now an impressive form and an explosive strength. I do reckon, I've seen them live and they do kick asses with such great impact to the public! This last album, although very short, is taken over by a Folk aura while in the very same time the elaborated Metal generates assorted interferences and the keyboard assimilates Hippie, Flower Power traces. The clear voice mixes with the Black violent one, Heavy riffs are broken up by acoustic ones; the melody and atmosphere here created delimit VINTERSORG from any other band of sort. It matters not that much if it is about Heavy Metal or Progressive since the most important aspect is VINTERSORG offering now a super-album which can anytime be considered a veritable source of inspiration for a lot of young bands; the artistic dimension and the performing one are definitely the VINTERSORG's strong points. .