VIRGIN BLACK "Elegant. and Dying"

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VIRGIN BLACK "Elegant. and Dying"
  • Album: Elegant. and Dying
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Australia

Epic Symphonic Classical Gothic Metal! Sober, romantic, depressive, majestic and still Metallic..., this should be a succinct characterization of the Australians' material. I am not willing to hide that I found their debut quite on my taste and thus an interview with Rowan and Samantha also featured in Kogaionon #6. If you haven't listened to VIRGIN BLACK by now, then I do recommend you would right away! It is something exquisite! The new tracks are more dramatic and profound than the previous one but rather too intricate and complex, with too many stylistic directions. At a certain point, the guitars' noise is annoying, especially in contrast with Rowan's superb clear and imposing vocals. In fact, the whole atmosphere is dominated by meditative Gothic that requires respect at first. I would like to listen to a softer sound...simpler and with different arrangements. I guess it would make it more digestible and comfortable. Otherwise, the album is a special one, no doubt, with a remarkable theatrical aura and a recording in a higher quality. Do not lose this sample of creativity even if it is not exactly a musical masterpiece!