VIRGIN BLACK "Requiem: Fortissimo"

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VIRGIN BLACK "Requiem: Fortissimo"
  • Album: Requiem: Fortissimo
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Australia

London and Samantha manage into presenting to us now their second chapter from the trilogy announced two years ago and which will be completed until next year's ending. After a "Mezzo" version, full of symphonic, choral and orchestral influences, that I've reviewed about four months ago, the Australians return with a more Metal, tougher and Darker chapter, very Heavy and with a low tonality! Rowan London's voice is quite bated, extremely guttural and aggressive, the guitars are solemn, everything sounds sober, contouring apotheosis. This is perhaps the most Doom Death Metal sound in the band's history and it cannot fail into satisfying the angriest fans' expectations. The tracks are conceived in a slower and more burdening manner, and the depressing moods glance off even the echoes of the feminine voices that can be intimated on the background! The bass plays a role of its own while being brightly used on slow sequences and the battery essays to contour a shape, the rhythm and some expressivity within a hopeless universe! "Darkness" is the most elaborated track and it sounds beautifully, as its twelve minutes inspiringly conclude the album that tends to turn wearisome now and then, if listened more than once. "Lacrimosa" does too unveil distinct sonorous shades. Yet, be sure that the storming dimension fulminate your audition from the first riffs you get to hear... Comparing with the first chapter, more experimental and complex, this second one is more barren, white and black structured, if you wish... The last part," Pianissimo", remains... Let's wait and see the calm it brings along.