VIRGIN BLACK "Requiem-Mezzo Forte"

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VIRGIN BLACK "Requiem-Mezzo Forte"
  • Album: Requiem-Mezzo Forte
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Australia

I remember that quite some years ago Samantha sent me her debut CD, unsupported by any label at the time. There were two tremendous tracks, incomparable with all the following ones (get wind of that review within my magazine). Consequently to a pretty modest album, VIRGIN BLACK decided to create a trilogy consisting of a classical album, a second one characteristic for their sound (this one) and an extremely Heavy third one, probably the harshest in their history. The second part of the announced trilogy seems to be the first one, enhancing the eternal Doom Death Metal. Now, in a finely sombre and dreary version, we have a material excelling in Gregorian choirs, cello and solemn piano, heavy violins, prolonged guitar accords, diving ourselves within a bombastic yet melancholic is by far, the utterly inspired album in the band's history and also one of the most complex, even experimental, of this year's releases! The voices entwine throughout various tones, disclosing clean and mighty interpretations (Rowan has a high quality voice) alongside aggressive and violent ones... and it would be obsolete for me to remind you about the sopranos, feminine voices that perfectly resonate with the stately masculine ones! You can experience a Metal band and a symphonic orchestra in a perfect symbiosis! "... and I am suffering" is a particularly beautiful track, the most representative for the album! I wished I would have seen them in one of their last concerts, especially as they went on tour alongside ARCTURUS. I have to admit that the new sound didn't rapture me instantly, as it is quite experimental and intricate...The right mood was needed in order to listen to the seven pieces open minded, and now, after more than five consecutive auditions I can state that this hour of Epic Orchestral Doom Gothic Metal is exquisitely beautiful! I still wonder what entrances me the most, the orchestra or the band, but there's one thing I know for sure: once you'll solitarily listen to the "Lacrimosa (I am blind with weeping)" track, you'll accept that Mozart's "Requiem" can be majestically interpreted in the Metal version too, as VIRGIN BLACK break their own boundaries with this new chapter!