VOID OF SILENCE "Criteria ov 666"

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VOID OF SILENCE "Criteria ov 666"
  • Album: Criteria ov 666
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: CODE666
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

"Toward The Dusk" was the Italians' debut and in spite of the fact it was extremely weird and darkened, there was no supplementary intelligence added to Dark Industrial Ambient scene. The new compositions sound completely different. The Apocalyptic Doom structure is harmoniously mixed with Ambient and even Power-Noise, Fabban's sick voice (ABORYM) is seconded by a voice reminding me of first IN THE WOODS... album. I think it is a unique and successful arrangement, while the calm and yet overwhelming rhythm of guitars' tunes extends the agony created by the synths and everything is chaos, depression, negation, somberness... When listening to VOID OF SILENCE, you practically experience hell on earth and the entire atmosphere created by Ricardo Comforti's instruments might inspire you suicidal thoughts and deranged ideas. This specimen of Negative Apocalyptic Metal should be listened to only when surrounded by other people, otherwise the whole negative electric energy might cause an implosion. This could be regarded as a new method of intensive therapy for all romantic people or dreamers. The digipack is, exactly like in ENID's case, excellently conceived since Giusseppe Ferrillo made himself as well quite a famous professional web-designer as years passed by. It might be intriguing to match a horror movie picture with such sound-track, in the middle of the night... all by yourselves and perhaps in a pagan spirits haunted castle... You should try visiting their site in order to resume to a better picture of the demonic world such music generated.