Vokodlok "Unchain The Wolf"

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Vokodlok "Unchain The Wolf"
  • Album: Unchain The Wolf
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

Inspired of mystical creature from Transylvania, the four Romanian present on this demo a few tracks in an aggressive Black Death Metal manner with a bad recording and an unfortunate mixing. The sound's linearity is just another negative aspect of this demo while the guitars' hell simply maintains the same during the entire album except a few calm parts. The demonic voice perfectly fits with drums' infernal rhythm. So, all in all, it is an "angry" debut dedicated to all Scandinavian Black Metal disciples. I find sad and painful to notice that young bands desire not to impose themselves through a personal style. Perhaps if this very debut appeared a couple of years ago, in the same time with WICCAN REDE, VOKODLOK would have met instantly a great success.

But in these conditions, solely with a simple primitive less original Black Metal I have no idea what kind of impact these boys expect or hope for! There might be a chance if getting some support from their friends from NEGURA BUNGET! Yet, maybe I shouldn't be so critical since VOKODLOK still plays OK even if their sound might be considered-by most of you-leftover...a little bit in the wrong place and time...