VON BRANDEN "Scherben"

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VON BRANDEN "Scherben"
  • Album: Scherben
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: GREYFALL
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

With some bombastic pseudonyms (Solarian von Branden, Vestriz von Mesopotamiem and Arminius von Theesfeld), the Dynasty (von Branden) releases eight avantgarde tracks, plus a Tori Amos cover version. Accordion, saxophone and violins enrich the complete Metal arsenal, along with voices of all kinds and diverse sequences, starting with simple, melodic, romantic ones and going all the way to aggressive, violent ones. This Atmospheric Metal is very complex but also intricate, remarkable in what concerns diversity, not in the way of harmonizing of details though. My feedback to the band is similar to the one headed twelve years towards EMPYRIUM: a German band too, also Avantgarde at the time, unveiling various non Metal instruments on the background... enjoyable audition, interesting approach indeed... it's only that "Scherben" is by far paler... Yet, this musical style worths being appreciated!