VRANI VOLOSA "Where The Heart Burns"

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VRANI VOLOSA "Where The Heart Burns"
  • Album: Where The Heart Burns
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: Corvus
  • Artist: 
  • Bulgaria

After NEST, OCTOBER FALLS and the brilliant KAYNO YESNO SLONCE, the elegant Bulgarian label decided to promote something different, this time in a lot noisier variant - Pagan Black Metal. I admit the audition of this album was a shock for me, because I was waiting for something calm to circle me after pressing the Play button. But it wasn't that way! After the first audition I told Emi, that I hadn't found special elements in this music and that satisfying seemed to be the right word. In spite of this, I had the patinence to listen again the 4 sequences and, indeed, I discovered a bombastic Pagan Metal, which reminded me of the old BATHORY, with a voice that sounds a lot better in a normal variant then the Black one, but without this modulations, the sound could have become monotone. We have changes of rhythm, we have Epic, Agressive, Raw and Primitive, Atmospheric and Scandinavian Black Metal, but also Melodic Metal, full of original secondary effects, warlike chords and shouts, in HADES ALMIGHTY's style. The title song, which is the longest one, over 15 minutes, is the most complex from the whole album, which is very short and it seems not conceptual at all. For a debut it's OK, but for Emi's tastes, is seems to me like a choice which has been indulgently made! I'm really looking forward to listen ON WINGS, the next band chosen by the Bulgarian!