VREID "I Krieg"

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VREID "I Krieg"
  • Album: I Krieg
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: INDIE
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

It seems that after the dissolution of WINDIR project, the three members have turned productive over night time, conceiving three albums in three years, the first two "Kraft" and "Pitch Black Brigade" released by another label, but still a Norwegian one. The new material doesn't overrun the former ones; moreover it gives me the feeling that the Nordics are completely lacked in inspiration, not to say limited, failing to express anything new throughout these materials.

Mingling Black Metal with Viking and Folk Metal, and adding some Rock'n'Roll elements doesn't impress me at all. It isn't a monotonous album; there is melody but also super-aggressive fragments, there are rhythm breakings, voice alternations... we have an impressive spectre of scents, yet something's missing. I have the feeling that they are too intricate for themselves. I would have liked to uncover an experimental dimension within this sound, but I fear this album doesn't do it either, I couldn't find it anyway. There is a plus though for the track wafting the album's title, as it brings extra value to the material and it's well curdled.