VREID "Milorg"

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VREID "Milorg"
  • Album: Milorg
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: INDIE
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Built on the ashes of WINDIR, VREID, it now reached album number four, one that has as its theme the military organisation Milorg, a Norwegian resistance movement from the Second World War. It looks like VREID has completely returned to the roots of the Nordic Black Metal, with no Non Metal influences or elements that they have inspiringly inserted into passed releases. Focused more on fastness and virtuosity, the new VREID sounds good but it seems like it tends to sink in with the other dozens and dozens of other Norwegian bands that are playing the very same things for years! From the point of view of the execution, I have no reproaches! It’s just that I was expecting something more original, some added value that should come with a band with such a respected and valued history! It is just like in the case of KAMPFAR, who abandoned the Heathen dimension in the favour of the Black one… in any case, I understood that they had an European tour together, thus the fans of this type of aggressive Black Metal must certainly be satisfied. In the end, I am afraid this is all that counts!