Vulture Industries "The Dystopia Journals"

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Vulture Industries "The Dystopia Journals"
  • Album: The Dystopia Journals
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This is one of the most beautiful albums of the year! Even if the sound hasn't reached perfection and something seems to be missing, the approach and the execution are excellent! And this is a debut we're talking about! I fear about the group's endurance, as there are too many distinct ideas gathered together from almost all Metal spectres, finely curdled and structured, but this doesn't necessarily scents good. Why? Because every individualized instrumentalist tries to make his point of view dominant among the others and this might divide the band. But, back to the material I can state for sure that it unveils an irreproachable dynamism, an astounding technique, and a majestic interpretation! The voice imitates almost everything Garm used to overflow within ULVER or ARCTURUS, moreover there are the guitars that oscillate between the aggressive Metal valences (not necessarily Black Metal) and the Progressive, Atmospheric or Melodic ones, Doom evenly. We cannot behold a unitary musical structure or a particular style, just VULTURE INDUSTRIES' sound. I would have liked it better if more aggressiveness would have been enhanced, more Metal, something tougher! The band members have other projects along this one, respectively: SULPHUR, BLACK HOLE GENERATOR, MALICE IN WONDERLAND, ENSLAVED, TAAKE or SYRACH. Bjornar E. Nielsen is the vocalist and the mentor of the group, and alongside the producer, a talented artist, known for his studio work for HELHEIM, among others. I've enjoyed the mixing result too, as the instruments' sound is very clear and they are excellently synchronized. Probably if it wasn't trolled out on certain sequences, I would have rated it maximum.