WELTENBRAND "In Gottes Oder des Teufels Namen"

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WELTENBRAND "In Gottes Oder des Teufels Namen"
  • Album: In Gottes Oder des Teufels Namen
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: MOS
  • Artist: 
  • Liechtenstein

I have anxiously waited for this album to appear since I am, as well as Oliver Falk also, a DVKE fan. I was almost sure that the five would follow the same line as they did on the previous ones but I experienced the surprise to notice on their fourth album a few major changes in sound and concept as well. If the voices are now clearer and rather "on the first line", the instruments' sound, Oliver's work, strives after comparisons with real orchestration while the accessories such as violin and timpani introduce an affectionate note to WELTENBRAND music. Dark Metal inspiringly interweaves the sad parts and romantic ones, the contrast between the two voices governs the atmosphere, the Wave frames are notable here and there and I must admit that the tracks' length points out the seriousness of the musicians. Despite all these favorable aspects I find the album such an elusive one, less influential with a pale message but without that expressiveness they used us with from the first two albums. I think it is a little too diffident if comparing with what the ex-members, Richard Lederer, advances now through out in DVKE or ICE AGES. If "less influential" means linear, then I am in the position of saying that the current tracks generate a mood for temporary meditation. I believe that the album was conjured up in haste and thus there is something missing. Otherwise, I assume it is an album that deserves your attention especially in order to clear up if I am wrong or not.