WELTENBRAND "The End Of The Wizard"

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WELTENBRAND "The End Of The Wizard"
  • Album: The End Of The Wizard
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Liechtenstein

Oliver Falk has founded this project ten years ago and I remember that, back those times, Richard Lederer's debut was an inspiration oasis for many musicians. As WELTENBRAND's debut has been made at the same label as DVKE's, Witchhunt Records, the similitude between the two bands left its marks on their history. Moreover, the second release of both WELTENBRAND and DVKE came out at Oliver's label, M.O.S., followed by some successful tours. From there, their paths cross apart, as DVKE continues as a CULT band, while WELTENBRAND experiments another label, a bit more underground! The destiny assigned them once again at the same label, this time a big one, and their new albums are released at near times.

Let's concentrate on this very sextet: based on the myths and the stories of a rather virtual world, still linked to Lichtenstein lands, the Dark Wave presented on the fifth album is a very bombastic and atmospheric one, the keyboard and the violin throne over the sound, while Dina Zambelii and Ritchie Wenaweser's calm and romantic voices open the gate towards a dreamland. It is an appealing, elegant and very romantic album, yet somehow linear and weary. I might be wrong, but "The French And The Wine" track resembles a lot the last piece of PENITENT's debut "Melancholia". On certain frames, Ritchie's voice turns wearisome, as the modulations shape an embarrassing misinterpretation, especially on most low tones. I expected more from these musicians, their Neo Dark Classic style raptures the hearing... it's just that the rapture fades away after several auditions... in the long run, we are dealing with a well - performed album, slightly above the previous ones and that's all it is!