WEREWOLF "The Temple Of Fullmoon"

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WEREWOLF "The Temple Of Fullmoon"
  • Album: The Temple Of Fullmoon
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: NO COLOURS
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

Black Metal in nordic variant again, but from the Polish club, comparable to INFERNUM, VELES or GRAVELAND. Even if the way it was immixed doesn't seem a brilliant one, the sound is a lot clearer than on the latest GRAVELAND album, the epic note is well outlined and the atmosphere of the album is a lot more dynamic, more bombastic, even if the forced voice doesn't hesitate to intimidate us. Even if it doesn't have any form of originality or virtuosity, WEREWOLF can be mentioned as a good band for the ones who still listen with pleasure to the Black Metal situated between DARK THRONE and BATHORY.