WERKRAUM "Early Love Music"

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WERKRAUM "Early Love Music"
  • Album: Early Love Music
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

A pure Folk album! Axel Frank, known from STURMPERCHT, alongside his friends from LADY MORPHIA and CHANGES, has now released 14 tracks that transit us uniquely from Medieval to Traditional or Psychedelic. It’s not exactly the style that I frequently listen to, but this album certainly got my attention due to a crystal clear sound and the musicians’ talent. We have guitars, flute, mandolins, multiple percussions, piano, bodhran, bass, drums, hurdy gurdy, accordion, and moreover, various voices, both female and male, that perfectly resonate with this Folk style. Complex and brightly conceived album! The digipack is quite beautiful, while the booklet is saturated with interesting texts and detailed technical data. www.werkraum.org