WILL'O'WISP "Unseen"

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WILL'O'WISP "Unseen"
  • Album: Unseen
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: BEYOND
  • Artist: 
  • Italy

Dark Psychedelic Metal? After so many years of hearing only bands that went with the fashion, here is the chance for me to listen to something else ; and to be more precise...it is a return to old glorious times of CYNIC, ATHEIST or SADIST. Therefore, it is a compilation of Heavy, Techno Death and Atmospheric Metal, well structured and performed. As far as the music is concerned, I assume it is OK. Regrettably, the progressive elevation insists too much as it is present on the majority of the tunes, even if the female voice desperately tries to point out the Melodic while the male one outlines a common Death Metal arrangement... Keyboard seems to lead the whole music, although not so originally, and creates for the listener a very comfortable mood. I haven't listened to their former album, "Enchiridion", hence I am not in the position of comparing the quality. I could solely say, so far, that too much of Heavy Metal and Progressive blasts the vigor of extreme Metal I yearned to listen for so long. Otherwise, a pale and slightly undefined album...willowisp@libero.it.