WINDIR "Likferd"

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WINDIR "Likferd"
  • Album: Likferd
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: VME
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Valfar seems to know what a team should be like! After two solo albums he contacted ULCUS' members and in year 2001 the "1184" album, a really Viking Folk Black Metal masterpiece is released. Right after two years, the six musicians bring forth an album even more aggressive and faster than the previous ones and I must say that today's Symphonic Black Metal obviously eclipses their initial Viking valences. As for the execution... trust me, WINDIR has gathered the maximum mark! And this goes as well for the energy discharged, rhythm and expressiveness! Even the synth seems to be connected to high voltage! Black vocals, in a classical Black Metal manner, interweave the instruments' parts while the drums won't leave either a chance to an atmospheric feeling! I'd say that Heavy must be the core filled in the new WINDIR sound as the basic Black Metal simply is identical with what other Norwegian bands perform. Probably here from comes my disappointment: nothing new or unique, just sharp Black Metal situated at the border of classical and modern terms. It is noticeable that the only instrument intelligently sketched out is Hvall's bass!

Rating: 0.85/1 (27.09)

P.S. Sadly we have to inform you all that Terje Valfar Bakken (25 old years) was found dead Saturday 17.1.2004. Terje left his home Wednesday 14.01, when he did not return his family got worried and contacted the police. Saturday 17.01 our greatest fear was confirmed. Terje was found dead at Reppastolen in the Sogndal valley. It seemed as if Terje was on his way to the family cabin at Fagereggi. Due to the cold weather and deep snow the trip became much harder than Terje expected. When he realized that he would not be able to reach the cabin, he tried to make his way back down. Unfortunately he did not make it. Terje was found just above Reppastolen. Forensic evidence says that Terje died of hyperthermia. This tragic accident has made these times extremely difficult for his family, band members and friends. Terje was buried at Stedje church Tuesday 27.01. We hope you will respect his memory and let Terje's closest mourn in peace. A great man has passed away, but his music lives forever. R.I.P. (28.01)