Winds "Prominence and Demise"

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Winds "Prominence and Demise"
  • Album: Prominence and Demise
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

To wait an album for two or three years in order to experience disillusion! That's a sore feeling, trust me! Andy Winter seems to have chosen to weaken the keyboards and the piano, as this time the guitars alongside the de voices make the rules, but yet in vain! What happened to WINDS? Have my fears come to life? I used to say that the Progressive these Nordics approach is a finely experiencing one because the Dark and the Atmospheric dimension are at their most, while the guitars' velocity excellently communicates with the violins and the piano, unveiling plenty of melody and rhythm... essentially: beauty. On their new album, WINDS solely insist on Progressive, with stressing rhythm transitions and crotches making the voice turn fade, the troll out is dominant, while the guests' presence is sensed but not in an astounding way.

If there is something finely enhanced, than I certainly should point out Hellhammer battery, as this genius has amazed me once more. Trying to reach the positive sense out of this album, I will prominent some beautiful sequences where all the instruments harmonize and the voices strike throughout the multitude of tonalities ("The Grand Design"), plus the rhythm seems to be less interrupted and therefore the sound becomes cursive and less intricate. This album might be a tiny jewel for DREAM THEATER's admirers. As for me, I really don't know what to say, I loved and I still do love WINDS, but, I simply cannot placate with this very album... yet! It's far too technical, too complex, and melancholia, melody and atmosphere have all collapsed! The piano sounds so elevating on "When the Dream of Paradise Died"! Not to mention the guitars... or the masculine voice resonating on certain sequences with the violin and the battery! If until now I have enjoyed everything within WINDS, I fear starting this moment I'll only select the parts I love! Or is it that the album requires longer and deeper listening and sentience in order to be fairly comprehended and enjoyed!

I understand that these four Norwegians desired to ascend new dimensions, to disconcert any glimpse of repetition, but still, why did they choose technical prevalence? It's a pity! Otherwise, valuable musicians, high quality recording and mixing, true musical professionals!