Winds "Reflections Of The I"

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Winds "Reflections Of The I"
  • Album: Reflections Of The I
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Well, when thinking of WINDS' simply lose control!!! Jan Axel von Blomberg/Hellhammer (ARCTURUS, THE KOVENANT, MAYHEM), Lars Eric Si (SENSA ANIMA, JACK IN THE BOX), Carl August Tidemann (ex-ARCTURUS, TRITONUS, FLEURETY) and Andy Winter (AGE OF SILENCE)! Besides the classical instruments met at Metal bands (guitars, drums and bass) there are more such as piano, keyboards, violin, viola or cello and a clear voice in Drajevolitch's person (ESPERANZA). It is a super-band, super-music and a super-album! During the tracks we can distinguish various tendencies from Rock or classical music to Progressive, Heavy or Black Metal. They define themselves such as Dark Progressive Classical and it seems like being the most appropriate description of what they actually play. if you listened to their first material, MCD "Of Entity And Mind", then, you must expect for the new tracks to be even more miscellaneous, progressive, even rather more Metal, faster and noisy but as outstanding and charming as ever! When I listen to such inspiration and skillfulness proof... I think it is a real exquisite pleasure to enjoy WINDS and I am afraid that from now on Progressive started to mightily strike me too. "Realization" is a monumental track where the violin creates a symphonic background and the Heavy guitars follow prolonged solos( in VIRGIN BLACK type), voices remind me of Garm (ULVER) while the avant-garde atmosphere carries me into an ARCTURUS dimension yet much more symphonic and classic. Because of listening also to some parts of the new ARCTURUS material, I find myself into an impossible position of precisely comparing since I believe in ARCTURUS' music resemblance yet a little bit more Metal. Anyway, the entire album is constant in sound and it is a kind of bothering the fact they insisted on Progressive tunes as well as on the pale shades of Power, which is quite a discomfort for me. There is an advantage if buying the CD since besides the regular 11 tracks you can also enjoy five tracks representing their debut MCD. If you want to place a limit where one ends and the other begins, without reading on the booklet, well, "Predominance" would wake you up to reality. This is an instrumental one which stands for a reproduction, in a classical version, of Rachmaninov opus. Class, elite, elegance, masterpiece...that should have been all I had to say about WINDS! .