Winds "The Imaginary Direction of Time"

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Winds "The Imaginary Direction of Time"
  • Album: The Imaginary Direction of Time
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

You should know by now that WINDS is one of my favorite bands for this new Millennium! The previous album is a Metal jewel and I listen to it very often with a certain delight! Yet... no more with subjectivism... as wicked voices would hurry to criticize the unprofessional manner to conceive and write a review... ha, ha... the new chapter is appreciatively the same... less romantic and melancholic than they started (with one exception: "Theory of Relativity" track, which is pretty peaceful and moreover features some shades of Psychedelic, in PINK FLOYD style), with various references to Progressive and Classic and less to Dark. Yet... I think it is rather too technical and sophisticated with fantastic guitar riffs, a sober bass, a grave piano, technical battery and an amazing keyboard. I am sure, the combination of Dark and Classical continues to fascinate while the voices, not at all aggressive, simply provide certain "roundness", which is specific to WINDS' sound.

I find difficult to judge if this album is better than the previous... probably as technique... the answer is affirmative, in other words, the new sound is focused more on guitars and less on atmosphere. Those violin tunes come out with a melancholic note for the sound and, I confess, this kind of approach impresses me more and more. If I need to find negative aspects, then I could punctuate the tracks' resemblance; they all are in the same manner even similar with previous ones... rather too cursive and sec... and in lack of elements which could have brought some diversity. Nevertheless: elegant, exquisite, elaborated, imposing... Progressive Classical Metal of first class! This is indeed a great piece of collection!