WOVENHAND "Ten Stones"

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WOVENHAND "Ten Stones"
  • Album: Ten Stones
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Davide Eugene Edwards is a character known in the Rock Americana sphere, especially as he has some activity behind him and a few albums to show for. I’ve received this new album by chance and I can say that I was shocked of what I could hear in only 10 tracks: Rock, Folk, Punk, Alternative Indie, Americana, Jazz and Blues… From Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison to Joy Division, everything in an original way, with a remarkable voice, talented instrumentalists, the perfect atmosphere to listen to a complex, diverse and even, complete album! The only thing that bothers me is that the Dark note is present only on a few tracks, “Not One Stone” being by far, my favorite! Thus, an album for the open minded, for those who want to listen to something else as well, perhaps more commercial, perhaps more popular but carried out with great skill!