WURDULAK "Severed Eyes Of Possession"

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WURDULAK "Severed Eyes Of Possession"
  • Album: Severed Eyes Of Possession
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United States

"Ceremony In Flames" was this super known Death Metal project's debut, a material that received only positive critiques. Well, indeed, the music we can listen to on this album is of a high quality, all instruments prove fastness, technique and synchronisation. And how else could have been since the line-up is an exceptional one: Iscariah (IMMORTAL, PAIN), Killjoy (NECROPHAGIA, RAVENOUS), Maniac (MAYHEM), Frediablo (GORELORD), Jehmod (BLOODTHORN), beside Ihizahg and Fug??? I believe these names say all you need to know...and therefore, all who find gratification in brutal Metal full of fast and violent tunes must urgently put your hands on this sample of virtuosity released by the French label! This is real Death Metal featuring two sick voices, Killjoy and Maniac! You can imagine, I myself was quite fascinated and really enjoyed this album and I am sure there is no way for it not to be given the recognition of its value.
Well, the cover itself is sick as well and so is the entire design of the booklet while the morbid note is just artist Patrick Tremblay's favourite subject. But I tell you now; this is a first piece of collection for this year as far as first rate pure Death Metal is regarded.