XERION "Nocturnal Misantropia"

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XERION "Nocturnal Misantropia"
  • Album: Nocturnal Misantropia
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Spain

Nocturno's band released the first album after seven years of underground activity, promoting the style of Galician Black Metal. I've listened to the album carefully but I couldn't find many interesting elements. There are some well performed sequences, with rhythm breakouts, lots of atmosphere, plus some inspired guitar riffs and a fine sounding keyboard, but that's pretty much all. The rest is common Black Metal, with aggressive vocals and infernal rhythms, alike the one executed by Northern bands. I must consider we are talking about a debut though, and if we are to look at it this way, than the rating could turn more indulgent. There is also a video on the
CD, not very innovative yet presenting attractive landscapes and adding value to the album. www.otronodexerion.com