YEARNING "Evershade"

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YEARNING "Evershade"
  • Album: Evershade
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Sincerely I thought this legendary band has split! In other words, this album is indeed a nice surprise! I always perceived a certain Dark melancholic aura around this band during these almost 10 years of existence and the fans had to get acquainted with albums more and more depressive. Well the specific factor determining the unique YEARNING sound was and still is the voice low and sober tonality. In the same time, I must say, the Dark atmosphere created by all the instruments was always a Nordic one, somehow frozen but full of melodiousness and harmony. The new compositions don't leave the band's usual musical line and the Dark note still has sources in Heavy, Gothic and Death Metal. The keyboard seems to follow a more inspired line while the vocals profile even better the musical background and the guitars stepped on a second place. I'd say it is a good album but in the same time a little too rusty from a stylistic perspective and I don't believe it belongs to our present times. Tragic Dark Gothic Metal? Well sounds a little too pompous, doesn't it? But this tends to be the most accurate description I can make for what these Finns perform for some good years! I think this material will wake up some nostalgia but nothing more. Probably like in SOULGRIND or TRISTITIA case...