YEARNING "Merging Into Landscaped"

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YEARNING "Merging Into Landscaped"
  • Album: Merging Into Landscaped
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

This band is also a veteran of the Doom Metal scene, and it unveils a unique melancholic dimension, remarkable throughout the penetrating and solemn normal voice and also through the Dark atmosphere created by the various intelligently performed instruments. The new album is the most symphonic one, saturated in Classical influences, yet full of both melody and nostalgia all along. YEARNING simply couldn't release other than a beautiful material, because this is the most appropriate characterization for it. Personally, I still prefer the first two albums, concentrated on the Dark Doom Metal dimension, to the last two ones insisting on the Gothic and Melodic approach, enjoyable, but far too rhythmic for YEARNING. I don't know if the band members have reached the end of YEARNING's path, but I am sure that Juhani's new Funeral Doom project, COLOSSEUM, is closer to my soul. Yet, maybe it is all just a matter of preferences.