YGGDRASIL "Kvaellningsvindar oever Nordroent Land"

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YGGDRASIL "Kvaellningsvindar oever Nordroent Land"
  • Album: Kvaellningsvindar oever Nordroent Land
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Magnus Wolfhart, the talented musician appreciated for his collaborations with many Swedish bands, and not solely, succeeded to release the official debut of another solo project, one with the same Folk Pagan Metal approach, only this time more Epic and melodic. The current material is a little sample of Atmospheric Metal, swinging between aggressive sequences and calm ones, acoustic, bright interludes, rhythm breakthroughs, Heavy, Power and Black Metal elements, normal voices and some violent ones too... yet, on the whole, the album is dominated by the serene, the domestic dimension, the one easy to be listened and comprehended. More Heavy than FOLKEARTH, but as least as Folk, this very debut deserves to be retained and not only to be rememberd. www.yggdrasil-sweden.com