ZERAPHINE "Traumaworld"

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ZERAPHINE "Traumaworld"
  • Album: Traumaworld
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: E-WAVE
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Ex DREADFUL SHADOWS members have decided to found a new project in 2000 and, in three years they already released two albums. Their last material is a classical Gothic Rock mixed with an impressing Electro and Pop amalgam. It is, if you like, a great replica to DE/VISION! The male voice has an incredibly elegant tonality and I must tell you that the instruments follow the sound harmony not abusing of virtuosity impulses. It is a very appealing easy and comestible album and it really can't upset anyone. I admit I have been listening to the album for a couple of days with a huge interest and I still am fascinated by this sound! Honestly, I have no idea what fascinates me at this material... perhaps the "chastity" of the music they created. Yet we still should not forget that the album sets free a certain sad melancholic Dark aura and sometimes... even romantic... It is somehow a true musical balm for all citizens of earth who felt like victims at least once in their life. In other words, this is an album that can only please and satisfy DEPECHE MODE's fans or disciples!