ZERIVANA "Velesvarun"

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ZERIVANA "Velesvarun"
  • Album: Velesvarun
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

It is unbelievable what beauties continue to unfold from the real underground! With absolutely no compromises, and with a music coming directly from the heart, Zerivan managed to compose on his own a Neo-Classical Pagan Folk jewel! Everything is born out of programming and keyboards, the vocals rarely intervene, and when they do, they do it in an extremely discrete and mysterious manner. Tribal elements are also present, the emphasis here being found in rhythm and percussion, along with plenty of Neo-Classical, and Heathen scents, which turn Slavonic in Zerivan’s version… everything sounds beautiful, the tracks are quite distinct, diversified, saturated in an aura of times long gone, a sound difficult to accomplish given the few instruments involved. I appreciate the fact that there’s no monotony within the sound, as the keyboard is played in an inspired way! If you enjoy WONGRAVEN, or the last BURZUM releases, or even friendlier sonorities, as the early PUISSANCE or PENITENT, then this digipack will give you instant and certain satisfaction. The booklet is quite elegant, the colours used and the images are in perfect harmony with the ambience created by a relaxing sound! And if I am to consider that this is his debut after eight years of attempts, I cannot fail into being indulgent! www.myspace.com/zerivana