Last time we saw each other in Brasov, it was May and we reunited for KRUNA Pratar. There were plenty of us enjoying a beautiful Saturday, alongside friends and ARCTURUS. Actually we could call ARCTURUS friends too, as they sat down and chatted with fans until the early hours of the morning in Rockstadt.

According to our 5 year tradition, we always gathered in December, in a way or another, in this or that location. In 2008, we met up in Brasov with ROME and SPIRITUAL FRONT, in 2009 we changed the location to Bucharest and greeted another six bands. 2010 was a sabbatical year for Jerome Reuter, but we made up for it the next year at DBE 3. Then again we saw them in December of the same year in Bucharest, where they put on an enchanting performance featuring songs from all albums that lasted about 90 minutes.

At the end of October ROME will be launching a new album entitled "Hell Money"  and that's the reason I invited them back to Romania at KRUNA Neios, on the 8th of December so they can share with us some of the upcoming musical sequences. Jerome is one of the most prolific artists and he reveals new materials every year. This tendency might cause shock to some people, but also makes others happy. We'll be trying to keep up with ROME in order not to miss much of the jazzed rhythms of his albums. The Luxemburg band will go on stage on Saturday and will whisper their story in a relaxed, captivating and cursive way.


CECILIA::EYES played only once in Romania and were a pleasant surprise for the public present at the 2010 event. The Belgians are now prepared to present a few new songs from the upcoming album, but of course will be play older songs from their previous materials.

SYVEN constitutes a therapeutic entity stepped out of another world. The music created by Tuomi (ex-NEST) is interpreted on a traditional Nordic instrument called kantele. He will come to Brasov along with Andy, the person in charge of adding vocals for SYVEN, thus transforming the project into a novel and innovative body of creation. SYVEN will also launch the new CD/DVD "Corpus Christii" so the public will be able to enjoy a full screening of the material, after the concert per-se.

The ticket price is set for 80 lei and will be available at the entrance of the location during the evening of the event. The capacity of Reduta hall allows for easy access for 400 people, which we feel is more than enough.

The reservations for the tickets can be made in the following interval (1st of October-30th of November) at the address The confirmation for the reservation will come in the form of an email from our part. You will be paying for the actual ticket on the night of the event, at the entrance.  

With friendship,


ARCTURUS… an unique constellation, at KRUNA Pratar

The Norwegians started out more than twenty years ago, when Death Metal and Black Metal were on top, but somehow they managed to create their own Metal style. Their approach has been followed by a limited number of bands, but the original pattern was never replicated again.

Their first material - a promo - was released back in 1990. After that came the EP "My Angel" and the single "Constellation". In 1996 they launched "Aspera Hiems Symfonia" – a cult and landmark album for the global Metal scene. Just a year after that ARCTURUS unleashes the masterpiece "La Masquerade Infernale" album created at Music For Nations, that proved to be a genius and innovative entity, conceptually and interpretational speaking. In 2002 the Norwegians released "The Sham Mirrors" – an album anticipated by lovers of Avant-garde Metal, this one being their last album with Garm on vocals. In 2005 "The Sideshow Symphonies" comes out – the last album of these incredibly talented musicians, with I.C.S. Vortex on vocals. Throughout the years compilations, splits and one DVD were also released.

The band disbanded in 2007, but at the end of 2011, the members decided it was not too late to write another chapter in the history of ARCTURUS – taking on the challenge of limited concert evenings, among which we can find the one in Romania. With Vortex, we will see performing Hellhammer, Sverd, Skoll and Knut Magne Valle.

The line-up consists of implacable musicians who also performed in top notch bands who had a say in metal history: ULVER, EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR, MAYHEM, THE KOVENANT, VED BUENS ENDE, WINDS, AGE OF SILENCE, BORKNAGAR, LAMENTED SOULS, IMMORTAL, SHINING, MYSTICUM…

For DonisArt, ARCTURUS was and is one of the most representative bands for the Metal genre of all times and the fact that the band is coming here represents an immense pleasure. The fact that after two years of countless simulations and scenarios, the band members finally agreed to take up the invitation made by DonisArt, makes the organization team feel very honored.

The legendary Norwegian band might represent an unique occasion for the Romanian Avant-garde music listener of all ages but also for the diehard fan.

Completely atypical for a band like ARCTURUS and at the same time, challenging, the band will be performing in the theatre hall in Reduta/Brasov, which will host KRUNA Pratar, on the evening of the 5th of May 2012, starting at 21:00.

Considering that the band is coming exclusively for this concert in Brasov, the band members will surely have time to sit down and chat with fans until the early hours of the morning, in a location destined especially for the after party. The preparations for the after party are in charge of our partner and host Next Dream Event.

The ticket price is 100 lei and can be exclusively purchased at the location on the night of the event. The reservation process starts on the date of 31st of March at KRUNA Marta or at the address, starting the 2nd of April.


14th of March 2012


Hey everybody!


KRUNA MARTA will take place on the 31st of March, at the Cultural Center Reduta (Str. Apollonia Hirscher nr. 8) in Brasov.


For this event, we originally announced four bands, but unfortunately the final line-up will consist only of three:


ATOMA (Sweden), DIRTY GRANNY TALES (Greece) and SLUMBER (Sweden).


Due to the complicated procedures for obtaining the visas and the lack of certainty surrounding the fact of whether or not they will be released on time, we came to the decision that we should postpone the first show of KAUAN in Romania, for a later date. We are very sorry for not being able to include this beautiful musical project in KRUNA Marta, but we hope to make it up for it as soon as we will have the confirmation that the visa issues are fixed.


ATOMA is a new Experimental Metal Rock band, which consists of mostly all SLUMBER members. They are set to release a debut album through the famous Austrian record label NAPALM records, exactly on time for KRUNA Marta. The evening of 31st of March will be the first live appearance of the Swedes in this new formula.


DIRTY GRANNY TALES is a name well known and respected in Romania, because of their two live shows performed at DBE 2 and DBE 3. The talented Greek artists will be coming back to Brasov bringing a new representation, a brand new Dark Theatrical Puppet show, which will find them in a new extended and altered distribution and bears the name “Rejection”. All in all, the concert hall of Reduta is the most suited place for a special DIRTY GRANNY TALES performance.


SLUMBER is an old Atmospheric Doom Death Metal act fans remember because of the 2004 album “Fallout”. The band broke up a few years back, but after common discussions, it was finally agreed that the audience will have the chance of fully understand the concept behind the music the band has crated, only if it would witness two completely separate performances: SLUMBER and ATOMA. The crowd present in Brasov will be able to experience something that months ago, seemed impossible.


The ticket for the event is set to 60 lei and can be acquired only at the entrance at the venue, on the night of the event. The concert hall Reduta can provide about 400 places, a more than enough number for interested parties.


The reservation system has also been put into place. You can now reserve your ticket via The advantage in making a reservation is that people who received a confirmation from the DonisArt team will be given priority in front of those showing up to buy tickets without a reservation.


Next Dream Event will also be in charge of hosting the event, and of what will be going on after the concert comes to an end. That means that they will be organizing the after party, so fans will be given the chance to interact with the musicians until early hours of the morning, while having a drink or not. The location will be announced shortly.


We are expecting you!




the 5th of March 2012

DonisArt proposes for 2012 a new KRUNA expression, in the elegant Reduta theatre hall from Brasov, a location ready to receive those friends from all places who value and wish to make the difference between a normal concert and an art show. Moreover, KRUNA is addressed to those people who are open to new, atypical musical experiences and who want to enjoy in peculiar conditions the expression of some talented and inspired musicians. During 3 Special EveningsKRUNA 2012 brings us 9 bands from 8 European countries, stylistically different, therefore:

  • 3 bands return to Romania with new representations;
  • 3 bands will hold their first concert ever;
  • 2 bands come to Romania for the first time to present their friends one of their few concerts;

ARCTURUS, Norway (Avantgarde Black Metal)

ATOMA, Sweden (Experimental Metal Rock)

DIRTY GRANNY TALES, Greece (Dark Theatrical Music and Dance Puppets Theatre)

CECILIA EYES, Belgium (Instrumental Post-Rock)

EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD, France (Romantic Post-Rock)

ROME, Luxembourg (Melodramatic Neofolk)

SYVEN, Finland (Shamanic Ambient Waves)

SLUMBER, Sweden (Melodic Doom Death Metal)

The 9 bands will perform in 3 different Saturdays:

KRUNA Marta (March 31);

KRUNA Pratar (May 5);

KRUNA Neios (December 8);


DonisArt doesn't  encourage ticket pre-sale nor the financial advantages that might deviate from this customary artifice. But the reservations made at the following address will have priority: In case there will be available tickets left, after ticket depletion, these will be sold exclusively at the entrance, in the event's evening, to availability of seats.

Reservations can be made only a month before the so-called event. On other hand, those attending all 3 editions will have priority on the reservation list.

We will return with details about the means of reservation and the ticket price for KRUNA Marta in a few weeks.

After the concerts, the local partner Next Dream Event will offer those attending the chance to party together with the artists until morning, in a club reserved exclusively for KRUNA attendees.

We are reminding you that all 9 bands come to Romania exclusively for KRUNA and wish to enjoy, next to the ones interested, a fairytale-like weekend.

And the surprises will keep coming…

A Beautiful, Artistic New Year filled with power and inspiration! 

With friendship,


December 19 2011 

KRUNA… 2012… a new trinity!


Dear friends,

This year DonisArt released a new concept for fans familiar with similar sequences and not only: KRUNA… the music bible! A honest concept of promoting atypical quality music, without compromises or conditionings, where the musicians, the public, the press and organizers made an unitary whole, without any kind of differences  or highlights.

There were 3 editions different as musical styles, but identical as structure, shape and dynamic, framed on Saturday, in those "2 hours set in stone", in Kulturhaus club from Bucharest.

KRUNA already imprinted itself in the minds of present ones and the concept seemed to resonate with those supporting atypical quality sounds.

Sincere thanks to all who understood that music can't exist without musician, these without public and public without organizers… And they rendered by attending these events, acquiring personalized musical accessories and greeting artists in their own way. The support was unconditional and the beauty of memories will keep lingering in their minds… actually, in ours, in everyone's who were present!

For the following year, DonisArt sets out to change the structural landmarks of this concept, but keeping the accent on musical diversity and respect towards friends. Moreover, the quality will keep prevailing quantity and the details will make the difference, as always…


- in 2012, there will be 3 distinct editions, all chosen to take place in the evening if Saturday:

KRUNA Marta (March 31);

KRUNA Pratar (May 5);

KRUNA Neios (December 8);

- the capital will be replaced with a fairytale like city where DonisArt enjoyed beautiful musical joints: Brasov;

- the minimalist club will be replaced by an elegant theatre hall, a perfect location for an authentic Show's evening: Reduta Cultural Centre;

- the "2 hours set in stone" will turn into a unique Special Evening, comfortable as time and space;

- a larger number of more or less known bands will perform, for the first time in Romania or who will have something new to show the audience, all musicians being brought only by DonisArt

- the artists will exclusively come for KRUNA and will be more than happy to meet up with new and old friends, sharing at least a drink;

- the bands will bring with themselves musical accessories that will be available at personalized stands;

- the location's capacity will allow a fair but limited friends to attend KRUNA evenings…  but the reservations made at will have priority;

- the events will be hosted by Next Dream Event, the local partner who is more than glad to become the trustful guide from Brasov for all those interested in logistic details and not only…;

Most likely that this KRUNA "trinity", together with DBE 4, will be the only invitations DonisArt sets out to make in 2012 to all the beautiful souls who wish to escape the ordinary, to spend an abnormally normal weekend, in a pleasant environment but also in a cordial company.

Specific details will follow in few days!

With friendship,


December 16 2011 



DonisArt wishes to present the supporters of the Underground musical Spirit with a new concept, entitled KRUNA.

What is KRUNA? Well it is a simple word game, which does not involve much abstract denotation, but nevertheless wishes to give birth to a new form of artistic expression, one that will be blended with the structure of a well defined event, with a clear purpose, targeting the connoisseur or just people who are opened to new experiences.

The concept behind KRUNA (…the music bible!) is based on a stable frame with well set landmarks and strives to achieve the status of an unique event by offering:

  • One night per week: Saturday
  • An elegant venue: Kulturhaus, Bucharest
  • A fixed schedule: 19.30-21.30
  • Ticket price: 30 lei
  • A single band: Promoting new material
  • Official merchandise stand: Personalized and specific to the band. 

DonisArt is preparing for the last part of 2011 a selection of KRUNA editions, completely different in musical approach and at the same time extremely rare for the Romanian concert market. The Underground touch will be a very important part of this concept and those participating will be enjoying 2 intimate hours, spent in an excellent location and a select community, specific to the bands.

“It’s not our intent to compete with anyone, we do not enjoy, nor care about being catalogued or compared, it’s not our intent to promote only certain music styles nor is it to step away from the Underground scene, even if the semantics of these words can leave the door open for useless (or useful) debates about music style, band visibility, attitude, perception or behavior… Here we are merely trying to support something that we truly consider not only to be an original and beautiful way of expression, but honest endeavors, artists dedicated to their own dreams and obsessions…we search, we discover, we probe, we experiment and develop… and last but not least, we would be so happy if we could frame a platform made out of friends who believe in what we are trying to do, and at the same time to bring to Romania – into interesting venues or picturesque locations, holding on to our standards and provide civilized conditions – innovative bands and artists that are less promoted than others from the same category, but who want to know us unconditionally!!” DonisArt

The concept of KRUNA represents a new identity DonisArt is presenting to the public, after the Special Evenings launched in 2008 (16 events:

Punctuality and respecting the schedule are fundamental points for KRUNA and the success of the editions to come will depend exclusively upon the starting hour, 19.30. After 21.30, the band will remain in Kulturhaus but the club gates will be opened for the normal Saturday clubbing goings-on’s.

It’s important to mention that the bands are coming exclusively for the KRUNA editions and are willing to stay and chat with friends and possible fans.

The program for the first KRUNA editions shall be announced in a few weeks.

The DonisArt team,

The 19th of May, 2011.

The concept of KRUNA represents a new identity DonisArt is presenting to the public, after the Special Evenings launched in 2008 (16 events: